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sergio borgatello
sergio borgatello
21 March 2024
I'm very, very happy with the services of Relocation Solutions for Expats. With their help, I obtained the NIE and health insurance, opened a Bank account, signed a contract to rent a property in Alicante, and applied for the "non-lucrative" visa without any problems and at a very reasonable fee. Sofia and Carlos were always available, were on top of all the steps needed for the required paperwork, and had great suggestions. When it's time to buy a property in Spain, I will definitely be using their services. I highly recommend Sofia and Carlos for any business-related expat moving to Spain.
Sandra Thorhauge
Sandra Thorhauge
7 March 2024
Sofia and Carlos made our move from Orlando to Spain possible in a very short amount of time. They proved to be invaluable during the complicated process of obtaining the proper documents that are involved when moving from one country to another. They were always friendly and quick to respond, and so very effective! We have joined the numerous expat pages available online, and after reading about the frustrations and turmoil others have been through, we feel that their service was definitely worth every penny!

Amanda Jones

Carlos and Naldo provided us immediate and focussed access to essential services that made our move to Spain a success. We connected with them early in the process when they solved a problem related to our heath insurance coverage. A text to Naldo led a few days later to the successful rental of our dream flat, two weeks before we arrived in Spain. 

Once we arrived in Spain, they skillfully guided us through the appointments and forms leading up to our receiving our residence permits. Their knowledge of the immigration system and their ability to communicate instantly and effectively on our behalf with the government offices concerned was invaluable. They were always available, instantly responding with the appropriate action to move things along. We cannot recommend them highly enough. 

Tom and Amanda Jones

Thomas & Colin

We obtained our initial 1 year NLVs in the USA, using a California-based agent.  One requirement for an NLV is to obtain Spanish private health insurance, and this same agent recommended Insurance for Expats.  

Thanks to Carlos and Naldo from Insurance for Expats, obtaining private health insurance from abroad went smoother than we had anticipated.  Communication was never an issue, as they are both fluent in English, and they never tried to upsell or offer other insurances that we did not need.

One month after arriving in Spain it was time to apply for our initial Padrons and TIEs.  Per the advice of the above California agent, we again contacted Carlos and Naldo, as they provide these services through CABR Relocation Solutions. 

Since Carlos and Naldo had previously proven to be very efficient, we had no hesitation contacting CABR Relocation Solutions.  As we had anticipated, obtaining our Padrons and TIEs went smoothly.  

It should be noted that Carlos identified a significant clerical error on one of the Padrons.  This error would have triggered a denial of that TIE application.   Carlos immediately telephoned the local city office, and less than 30 minutes later, we returned home with a corrected Padron.

Fast forward to a year later, it was time for our NLV and TIE renewal.  Once again, CABR Relocation Solutions proved to have the necessary expertise we needed.  

CABR Relocation Solutions assisted us from start to finish.  Their provided everything necessary to renew both our NLVs and TIEs.

CABR’s assistance did not end there.  The renewal process is not fast.  CABR Relocation Solutions also helped us obtain a “Return Authorization” so that we would not have to cancel a planned holiday to the USA that had been booked many months prior.        

We are very satisfied customers of both Insurance for Expats and CABR Relocation Solutions. 

Maintaining residency status in Spain is not straightforward.  Our best advice: avoid the internet, Facebook, and all other blog sites as we often found misleading, outdated, and down-right false information posted about the renewal process.   

Instead, contact Insurance for Expats and CABR Relocation Solutions for efficient coordination, proficiency, and peace of mind.

— Thomas Rancilio y Colin Robertson (California expats, living the dream in Sitges)

Erin Maronick & Family

For various reasons, my family of four decided to spend a year abroad, from the US, in Barcelona.  Getting our visas was a long process and entails a high level of organization.  A piece of that process for our non lucrative visa was to include a private insurance, paid for a year, with no deductibles.  I was referred to Carlos Blanco Reyes. He made the experience extremely simple, and has continued to help me with insurance questions since we’ve arrived in Barcelona. 

In addition, and more importantly, Carlos and his team provided us a level of support in our transition to Barcelona that, as non Spanish speakers, we couldn’t have done without.  Not only did they schedule our residency appointments for the empadronamiento (these appointments are very difficult to get), they provided us with explicit details and instructions, and they helped us to find our home.  There is a lot of money being exchanged, and a lot of Spanish paperwork in the process of finding a home, whether renting or buying.  Carlos and his team gave us complete peace of mind, and helped the landlord to understand the issues/timelines with our bank account. I’ve heard Spain is not known for customer service, and have experienced this in other scenarios, but Carlos and Arnoldo were attentive and provided us with the utmost professionalism and support. I would highly recommend them if you’re planning to move to Spain, for both insurance and all of the necessary steps needed to secure a home, bank account, and residency. 

Jessica B

My husband and I needed health insurance for our non-lucrative visa application. Carlos Andres Blanco Rey was easy to work with and very responsive to our inquiries during the process. Once in Spain,our new landlord asked that we purchase renter’s insurance. Carlos not only quickly provided us with the needed insurance but also reviewed the rental contract for any red flags and to ensure we fully understood the document. Additionally, my husband and I both had spelling errors in our names on our initial T. I. E. cards. Carlos and his team helped us make appointments and navigate the process of correcting the error. We knew very little Spanish when we first arrived and Carlos’s profesional assistance was truly invaluable

Ajae, Jess & Milo

We are a small family from Los Angeles, California, USA that relocated to Granada, Spain with support from Carlos and Naldo of Adeslas and CABR. They guided us expertly through the process of securing our residence visas and obtaining Spanish health insurance. They were attentive to our specific needs and situation, patient and persistent with the bureaucracy. They kept us informed at each step of the process and made numerous calls to secure the necessary appointments. They went above and beyond when we ran into obstacles and didn’t stop until we had secured our residence visas. It would not be an overstatement to say that we couldn’t have done it without them, and wouldn’t want to in any case. They were a pleasure to work with and made a complicated process smooth and easy.

All the Best.

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