Marriage and civil partnership

Registration of Domestic Partnership

Who can do it?

The following persons are eligible for registration:

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1. Are of legal age or emancipated minors.

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2. They live together as a couple in a free, public and notorious manner.

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3. Have been living together in a stable manner for at least twelve months without interruption (if you have just cancelled a previous registration, remember that you must wait twelve months from the date of cancellation to apply for a new one).

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4. At least one of the members of the partnership must be registered in one of the municipalities of the Community of Madrid.

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5. Their marital status must be one of the following: Single, widowed, divorced or judicially separated.

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6. The members of the couple must not be related (up to the third degree).

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7. Not to be in a common-law relationship with another person.

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8. Not to be registered in the Registry of another Autonomous Community.

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9. Not to be affected by a deficiency or psychic anomaly that does not allow to give consent to the union validly.

What do you need to present?

A. Documentation

The required documentation (original and photocopy requested) is as follows:

One month before the day of the appointment at the Registry of Unions of De Facto

this documentation shall be delivered at the office located at Gran Vía Street No. 18- ground floor, Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 14:00 or at any Registry, in accordance with the provisions of Article 16 of Law 39/2015, of October 1, of the Common Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations.

If the documentation is incomplete or not correct in its entirety, you have 10 working days to complete it or submit the correct document, starting the day after signing the application form.

B. Fee

It is also necessary to provide a paid fee form 030. The paid fee is delivered on the day of the appointment.

The payment of the fee shall be made by self-assessment, prior to the date of registration in one of the collaborating deposit entities of the Community of Madrid, and it is recommended that it be made between 2 and 7 days prior to the day of registration.

The fee is 82,12€.

Application Submission

In the “Management” section of this page you will find the application form and the required forms that you can fill out online and save to your computer or print.

By Internet (See how to apply)

To submit the application and documentation online, through the electronic registry of the Regional Ministry, it is necessary to have an electronic ID card or one of the electronic certificates recognized by the Community of Madrid.

Have all the documentation to be submitted ready before accessing management.


The application shall be signed on the day of the appointment, personally and jointly by the members of the de facto union, at the Registry of De Facto Unions at Gran Vía, 18, first floor, regardless of whether the appointment is submitted in person or electronically.

On the day of the appointment, the members of the union must be accompanied by two witnesses of legal age, in full exercise of their civil rights, who will certify by affidavit the previous free, public, notorious and uninterrupted cohabitation for at least twelve months, of the members of the de facto union in a relationship of affectivity.

The maximum capacity, on the day of registration, will be 8 people (couple and witnesses included), identified by a valid ID card, passport or residence card.

If, only, you wish to apply for the certificate of de facto union

remember that the persons who can apply for this certificate are:

There are two ways to apply: online and in person.

A. Internet (See how to apply)

The validity of this automatically issued certificate can be verified by the secure verification code printed on it.

B. On-site

In the case of an in-person application, both the application form and the following documentation are required:

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